Meeting Minutes

PNC Thunder in the Valley Meeting minutes from 2/29/2020

Consent forms will be required every year for the rider and one time only for the passenger. Proof of insurance and copy of license is required. Email copies to or
Ride leaders should carry consent forms with them just in case new people show up.
Picture of license (front and back) and insurance card can be sent by email to or

Discussion Topics
IRON BUTT RIDE: The required waivers were signed and turned in. If you have not yet signed your waiver, contact Lee Evans. This waiver will need to be signed prior to the first ride along with proof of your insurance and driver’s license (showing your motorcycle endorsement).
Date of 2020 Iron Butt ride is May 29th-30th and the destination will be Ontario Oregon.
Jim Pasinetti (253) 343-7637 will be making the room reservations for the entire group so it will be important that you notify him as soon as possible. He will need to know that you are going and who you will be sharing a room with, or if you need a room of your own. The cost will be $116.34 per room (which includes the tax). This ride leaves early May 29th, there will a quick lunch, and quick gas up and go. You will arrive in Ontario around 8:45pm. JIm will be sending a detailed email out.
This is an endurance ride that is 1100 miles round trip and will leave rain or shine!

This year decision was made that it will be open to all with the understanding that the format will not be changed, the distance will not be shortened, and all prior guidelines will still be used. This is an ENDURANCE ride. Two legs of this ride will be three hours long!

As expected, safety is a prime consideration on all rides. Mark Niehaus shared safety tips from a class that he has taken and his experience in riding.
When riding:
Scan for hazards
Identify the hazard
Predict what are going to do in this situation Execute your decision with care.

1. Check tire condition and that they are properly inflated.
2. Your tire should be changed every six years.
3. New tires are slick so be sure to break them in before any long rides.
4. Check bike well before a trip make sure everything is working and again test drive it.

Safety Riding Tips:
1. As you’re riding don’t fixate on any one thing be aware and be looking ahead of you.
2. Remember when you turn your head your bike goes the direction that you were looking.
3. When on open roads be aware of wildlife dangers.
4. Watch for cars on side streets. If their front wheel is moving even slowly slow down and give them time to make their decision. Watch their head see if they’re looking left and right which would indicate they’re getting ready to pull out.
5. Know what keeps you awake and be more aware of surroundings during your downtime in the day.
6. Be aware of any medication side-affects that might affect your riding ability.
7. Stay hydrated and have a good sunblock.

JUNE 27-28 Non-poker ride (overnight)-
Kim/Becky Dixon
July 11th St. Helens-Gary Plattner
July 18 – TBD -Jim Sims
Aug 15th Seaside/Tillamook-Dennis Grovenburg
Aug 29th Around the Sound-Jim Pasinetti
Sept 19 Miner Burger-Jim Pasinetti

Also, Ray Humphrey extends invitation for a 30-day ride. This ride is to Arlington VA to honor Fallen Soldiers. His ride leaves July 12th

Dec 5th is the Olympia annual Toy Run.

Karen Sims