19th Annual “Iron Butt” Ride


August 19th-20th,2022 – 19th Annual Iron Butt – Sign up deadline in August 6th!!!

It’s that time of year again!  Get your vacation scheduled!  For the 19th, the ride is happening again!  For newcomers, this is about a 1,250 mile ride in 2 days.  It is a good time of fellowship with other guys who love to ride long distances.  We go about 150 miles between fuel stops and the stops are quick!  There will be a lunch stop on the ride.  It will be quick as well.  If you like to stop and smell the roses, this ride wouldn’t be for you.  It’s a gas and go, run up your odometer kind of ride.  Rain or shine, I love it and always have a great time.  Hope you plan on joining us!  If not, we hope to see you on some of the day rides each year which are for ALL riders.

We will stage at 5:30 am and leave the Fred Meyer parking lot in Downtown, Puyallup at 6:00 am sharp on Friday August 20th!  More details below!


Here is a recap of the fees for this ride. Please review your options below before submitting your payment. To determine your final fee please email Jim at jim6604@live.com so he can communicate with you about your room, patches, T shirt, etc. (Checks to be made out to PNC).

Rider Registration Fee:

  • $20 ministry ride donation.

For all riders, this fee is due no later than August 13th, 2022 at our Pre ride meeting.


  • $300 – Double Queens – Consider sharing a room and splitting the cost.
  • All reservations are due no later than August 13th, 2022 as our block of rooms per our contract requires us to release all unbooked rooms.

Pre-paid room fees are non-refundable after August 6th, 2022.

Optional Items:


Nampa Rider Patch – $10 (Rockers designed to fit under this patch.)

2022 Rocker – Free with paid ride donation (optional)

  •  Nampa Iron Butt Nampa Iron butt 2

2022 Shirt design

Iron Butt 2022 Proof Tee

Lettering on the front of the shirt will be printed in white. The design will be printed on the back of the shirt, not the front.


CoeurDAlene Loop Ride 2022 Proof 1

  • No refunds on patch or T Shirt orders after August 6th, 2022.  Must be paid for no later than August 13th.


Again, this year, for this ride, we will offer short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodies and this year sleeveless “T” shirts with a new 2022 logo on the back.  Shirts and Patches produced by Northwest Ink.  Owned by one of our riders, Ken Hettman.

 Shirt order prices:

Short Sleeve Black Only

Small – XL ($15)

2X and larger – ($20)

Long Sleeve Black Only

Small – XL ($20)

2X and larger – ($25)

Sleeveless – White or Black

Small – XL ($15)

2X and larger ($20)

Hoodies – Black Only

Small – XL ($25)

2X and larger ($30)


 Reservation, Payments & Options – Prepay and save time at check-in.

Best Western Sand Point, ID – Jim will make your reservations for you and a roommate.  Find a roommate to split the cost.  Room rates are $300 per night (2 queen beds).  Room fees are the responsibility of each rider and are due upon check out.  Will you share a room or stay alone? Please decide what you will do before you register. 

To register and reserve rooms, patches and clothing, please email Jim at jim6604@live.com or if you have a question about the ride, please email Lee Evans at Harley_777@comcast.net or Jim.


Please send checks payable to PNC, to:

Jim Pasinetti
442 22nd St. NW
Puyallup, WA 98371